Spinning plates

So this blog was never about showing only the good sides. By no means is our life perfect. But it’s ours, and sometimes shit drops. case in point. Living in Japan ALL of our utility bills are in Japanese. There are devices that will pay them for you, but we opted to live like locals and for the most part we do okay. For the most part. between getting back to being at home from deployment, geo baching again for the first time, longer days for an exercise and you know sleep, I missed several bills. I discovered this little snafu when I went to wash dishes this morning and couldn’t get the water hot. Before I could spiral into misery and guilt and self recriminations Matthew pulled me back and let me know it happens. Even to him (who’s perfect in my mind for these things. JUST these things😂). But at the end of the day, better the gas than the electricity and we got it taken care of.

Bottom line, you got this. And if you don’t, regroup, pick up the plates and start over.

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