Tokyo Dome City Winter Illuminations

Tokyo Dome City attractions is one of our favorite 🤩 places!! There are things there for kids off every age and those that are kids at heart 😉. But while the place itself is awesome, this year’s illuminations were just, so so.

Display board for illuminations

The theme for this year is “illuminations that make you want to take a photo” and while they did achieve that, the overall effect was a let down. That’s not to say the lights weren’t nice, they were. Just, don’t make going to see the lights the whole reason you went there

Carousel with lights

The display board lays out all the places for the lights so that you can walk from illumination to illumination

Lighted Christmas 🎄 tree

When we went we started the day at Asobono! (Link to article) and then after dinner went to see the lights. So I’m that manner or want to bad because it wasn’t the only thing that we traveled to see.

If you come here looking for illuminations on the scale of Tokyo Keiba (link to article) or Lake Sagamihara you’re going to be sadly disappointed. But if this is the icing on top of a great day spent at the playcenter, on the roller coaster or at the spa you will have a great time!!

If you go, come back and let me know what toy thought. If you enjoyed it or thought it needed more. Or let me know what else you did while there!!

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