2021/2022 Winter Illuminations in Yokohama and Tokyo

While Christmas isn’t really celebrated in Japan, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t taken some parts of the holiday season and gone ALL OUT!!. Christmas trees may be hard to come by but Christmas LIGHTS, oh those are on and popping!!

Below is my list of illuminations that I plan on checking out this holiday season. Luckily, depending on the illumination, we’re able to stretch out the viewing to February and in some cases even April. As I attend the illuminations I’ll come back here and update the posts so you can get a first look at the important info (where, how much, how to get there, whether or not it’s worth it)!!!

Let me know if you check out any of the illuminations on the list and tell me if you agree with my review. This same list is also on my Google list for ease of mapping out directions, so feel free to follow me on Google as well for ALL the adventures!

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