Play all day

so being the adventurous people that we are. We take any opportunity to go out and explore. Introducing others to places we love is just a bonus.

for a place with low birth rates Japan is one of the most kid friendly places we’ve been and we take FULL advantage of all the indoor playgrounds. Børnelund in MarxIS mall in Yokohama is a quick train ride from Yokosuka and a good deal. For ¥2100 on the weekends and ¥1100 during the week N can play all day. There are jungle gyms, ball pits, arts centers, building sets and more. She LITERALLY never gets bored.

For dinner we stopped at Garlic Joe’s a local favorite of ours where EVERY dish is made with garlic!!! (Don’t worry, the desserts are the exception). By the end of the night everyone was ready for bed!

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