Whole 30: Week 1

One of my Facebook group threw out a challenge for the month of September, to do the Whole 30 eating plan for a month.

I had never heard of it, so I did some research. The first thing I thought was “what the HELL am I going to eat?!?” For those that are unfamiliar with the “diet” which it really isn’t , it’s all about WHOLE foods. Reading about the eating plan talks about how it’s not about weight loss but more about food awareness and how you feel after removing certain things from your diet.

I have to say, the no carbs thing wasn’t that serious an issue since we’ve been Paleo friendly for a LONG time. But living here in Japan I KNEW I was going to miss my rice!! What’s even worse they took SOY from me and NUTS people!! I could’ve gotten through this with peanut butter and grit!!

The first day I was DEFINITELY not blasé about it. I had failed to meal plan and ended up skipping breakfast, falling back on my #IF habits. The Mr. was not yet participating and so was no help. Foraging through my kitchen for snacks let me with bell pepper sticks (I had yet to purchase anything authorized for dipping) and tuna. The Mr. is and has been responsible for dinner so I at least knew I was covered in that front.

Expected, but didn’t happen

I was already and prepped for the crash the first few days. I apologized to friends and co-workers alike for the future me’s behavior while living a life without carbs. But it didn’t happen. Don’t ask me why, just be thankful!! You won’t like me when I’m carbless 😡

Food humor

I’m one week in and feeling good. My wallet is definitely feeling the Hor though since we’ve upped our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. On a side note, it’s really sad how expensive it is to eat healthy.

I’ll check in with you next week to share how it’s going but if you’ve done #whole30 tell me in the comments. Did you like it? Why or why not? Is there an eating plan you liked more?

One thought on “Whole 30: Week 1

  1. In 2013, my sister recommended I try this after complaining about my digestive system. The program changed a lot since then, spices weren’t a part of the allowed list. But I survived… I even got used to it and using different ingredients to add flavor. The program really did clear up my issues and I lost 10lbs as well!

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