Tokyo Burger Spots: Goku Burger

If you’re spending the day in Tokyo, depending on the ward, there are multiple food options from which to choose. Sometimes however, NOTHING is going to do except a burger 🍔!!

If you find yourself dealing with such a craving and you’re in the Omotesando Hills region of Tokyo then Goku burger is where you want to stop for lunch!

Located on the second floor this nicely sized restaurant even has a larger back room to accommodate families with small children or larger parties. They have high chairs and also baby chairs and a friendly staff that has infinite amounts of patience. If you’re bringing a stroller I recommend a smaller city size one or parking it outside the restaurant on the first floor as it can be a tight squeeze.

Even though the menu is in Japanese, the staff speaks enough English and has a translation app ready to help you decide on your meals and explain your choices. The service was fast the burgers were hot and delicious and everyone had a great time. Gloves are provided to keep your hands from getting messy and there is a bathroom in the restaurant as well.

Angel burger

If you go during lunchtime they have lunch sets for a lower price and if for some reason you don’t want a burger they have steak and or hamburger plates as well either way you won’t be dissatisfied!

You can check out my review and get directions on Google

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