Yokosuka Tempura Spots: Kushiya Monogatari

If you’re looking for a great lunch spot than any mall in Japan are going to give you a plethora of options, but if you’re in Yokosuka and near More’s City mall I HIGHLY recommend Kushiya Monogatari!!

Dessert and sides

Located in the 8th floor of the mall this all you can eat buffet is a great choice for lunch or dinner and good for couples, girls night out or family dinner. The procedure is the same as any all you can eat restaurant with a set time and unlimited dining options


You have the option to add a drink bar for soft drinks and juices, or #nomimodai (all you can drink) and get beer 🍻 and other alcoholic drinks included.

Alcoholic options

If you’re nervous about not knowing what to do don’t worry!! They have instructions at the table IN ENGLISH to help you figure it out 😂

English instructions

The restaurant has meat (pork, beef, chicken and shrimp) as well as veggies for diners to choose from. There’s also salad. To go along with your tempura items they have rice, curry and soup (usually corn).

If you come here hungry you’ll leave happy and ready to come back. The chocolate fountain is the best part and the flavor changes with the season. We’ve seen chocolate, strawberry, matcha and orange!! So you’ll have to come back!!

Strawberry 🍓 Chocolate fountain

Have you been here before? What did you think? Once you go come back and let us know what you thought 💭

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