Cheese FEST

  • I have GOT to get better at cultural norms. You see this sign and tell me, what do you think is happening? In my mind I saw
    1. an event space
    2. Lots of booths
    3. Lots of free samples

    This was my reality

    I was correct in only ONE of my three assumptions, the event space. In the standard Japanese tradition there were lots of samples, but they brought them out at different time periods, meaning we would’ve needed to stay for hours of go and come back in order to try different cheeses, that just wasn’t happening. But we did get to purchase some new cheeses, explore a new neighborhood (Google maps walking in Japan is more of an art than a skill) and exercise. Although I did get a warning flag from Matthew on almost breaking the golden rule of travel “thou shalt not spend more time in traveling than at the locale”

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