Porcelain oh my

So you know how you see all those classes advertised for couples, and usually there’s only one in the couple having fun?

For those of you wondering if it’s true, it is. But it’s cool because marriage is all about give and take. Matthew and I picking things we want to try has been a staple of our marriage. There’s no set timetable and the rotation for choice isn’t always back and forth , but it has given us the opportunity to learn new things, pick up new hobbies, mock each other’s choices and spend time together.

This plan has let us learn to ski and snowboard, knit, crochet, scuba dive, decorate cakes, make porcelain dishes (newest one), and make sushi. We still have learning to sail on the list and we’re always on the lookout for more things to learn. What things are you and your significant other into?

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