The BEST Yokosuka Parks: Children’s Bicycle 🚲 Park

If you’re looking around wondering where the local kids find room to learn how to ride a bike, look no farther. We ALL know that a bicycle is a common mode of transportation here in Japan, and while on base there are plenty of low/no traffic areas and empty parking lots it’s not always the case out in town

Road outside the park

When we first got to Japan, before we knew about this place, we worked with our oldest in the long driveway next to our house. If we got home late we’d turn the headlights on!!

Toddler bikes

Staffed by volunteers this park is FREE to all!! There are bikes of different heights and helmets 🪖 are included with every bike. We personally bring our own helmets, but to each they’re own.

Bike shed

At first glance, this park looks like a typical park we see all throughout Japan, but not this park! Japan couldn’t let it just be a park, it’s Japan! The park provides ALL the equipment needed to learn and practice bicycle 🚲 safety. They even have working lights, crossroad signals and crossing guards!! Every opportunity for success is safely achieved!!

Set up like a normal city block there is NO vehicular traffic, inside the park. But there are street lights, crossing signals, traffic signs and rules to follow. The local volunteers ensure everyone is playing safely and following the rules.

Learning how to ride a bike on a road is not safe, but this is Japan, they created a replica of the road and with a little practice and a few visits 😀, a child will soon be riding once they master their skills. How considerate and relieving to know you’ll teach your child to ride a bike and road safety all in one area? And did I mention the best part, IT’s FREE..

City street inside the park

If you’re little one is still working with training wheels or a strider bike, no worries they have those too!! They even have a separate training area where those still perfecting their skills can practice.

For parents looking to relax or grab a quick snack there’s a break room with multiple tables to eat, drink and recoup. There’s also a nursing room and a bath room with changing tables for the Little’s.

You could even pack a lunch or snack and sit out on the benches or bring a blanket to sit on the grass. There’s a sand box and sidewalk area to play on if riding bicycles isn’t your kids thing but all in all it’s a GREAT way to spend an afternoon

Google pin 📍:http://Yokosuka Childrens Bicycle Park 046-836-1560

There’s no parking AT the park, but there are several stores nearby. It’s also walking distance (~7 min) from Kita-Kurihama station on the Keikyu line.

Have you been here yet? Did you try the unicycle? Let us know in the comments!

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