Forge Bouldering: Yokosuka Indoor climbing center

Do you have a little Spiderman or Miles Morales running around your house and attempting dangerous things? Then Forge Bouldering (formally Zigzag) is where you want to take them. Though there are no wall climbing gyms in Yokosuka (you’ll need to go to Yokohama or farther north for that or an Outdoor Rec trip) this is a great place to spend the day in cold weather or a hot day or ESPECIALLY a rainy day.

If you have kids that are under elementary age, unfortunately there isn’t more than a small area for them. They can climb the practice wall by the front door, but even for my 5 year olds this was barely enough. So if they’re not in elementary school I recommend other indoor play grounds.

Pre school bouldering area

If you find that you enjoy the place after your first trip you have to option to buy ticket books that will give you the discounted rate or a monthly pass that will give you unlimited options. Depending on your enthusiasm for the sport it’s a great deal. Of course as you can see the weekday rates are lower than weekends and we found that Saturdays are normally busier than Sundays. Don’t worry if you don’t have proper shoes as the gym has everything that you could need there for rent. They also have chalk to keep your grip on the wall.

Price sheet

Like regular climbing gyms the walls have paths that are color coded and marked with tape for different ability levels and challenges, but none of the walls are higher than approximately 10ft. There are also fall mats on the ground so that if you do fall, at least you’ll have a soft landing spot.

Depending on your preference you can drive or take the train. Forge Bouldering is located approximately a 5 minute walk from Kenritsudagi station, one local stop south of Yokosuka on the Keikyu line. You can also drive. There is a paid parking lot on 16 near Mos Burger or you can talk to the owner and see if the gym’s parking spots are free. There are two spots that can be used for free, if available. If you know what time you’re coming (and speak enough Japanese) you can set a time and reserve the parking spot in advance. The owner speaks limited English and is SUPER friendly!

The gym is a cash only location and operates in the afternoon/early evening during the week and mid day on the weekends. Check the Facebook page for updated dates and times of operation as they change during the year, based on the season and come back to let us know what you thought!!

If you’ve been here before tell us in the comments what you thought!

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