Themepark Thanksgiving: Universal Studios Japan

If you’re looking for a place to spend a magical family weekend then Universal Studios Japan definitely needs to go on a list! Japan is a place that loves theme parks, roller coasters, and all things kawaii (cute)!

Nintendo Entrance

Lots of fun for the kids in the family and for the big kid in you you can find everything you’re looking for at Universal Studios Japan. Depending on if you want to hit only the big roller coasters, see the different worlds or explore everything you have a multitude of options before you.

Entrance to Harry Potter World

If roller coasters are your thing and that’s all you want to do USJ can easily be done in a day. But if you wanna experience everything, then three days is what you need to reserve. There are several options of hotels to stay that are right outside the gates, or you can stay at several hotels within a 5 to 10 minute walk and drive. The final option and probably the most economical is staying at a local Airbnb which makes transportation a little longer but not unmanageable due to the fact that there’s a train station five minutes away from Japan and anyone who’s been to Japan knows how easy the trains are to use

Park side entrance to Park Front hotel

We stayed at The Park Front Hotel which is the first hotel outside Universal’s gates! We could see the lines at the entrance from our hotel room, there were a multitude of food options immediately outside the hotel, a breakfast buffet was included and guaranteed tickets at the concierge desk made this an easy choice for our stay. There was also parking at the hotel (for those that drive).

Water 💦 ride in Jurassic Park

From Harry Potter‘s world to super Nintendo world, Jurassic Park and Jaws. To spending time with the Minions, dancing down Sesame Street or battling in Super Mario World to beat Bowser, Universal Studios has an area that caters to all ages of kids and adults! It’s definitely a place you don’t wanna miss if you have time during your visit to Japan!

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