Theme park Thanksgiving: Legoland

Looking for a weekend adventure that’s a little outside the norm? Then why not road trip down to Nagoya and check out Legoland!


A perfect introduction to highway driving and road tripping in Japan it’s an easy four hour trip with rest stops along the way and a toll total that isn’t too expensive. If you want to extend the adventure you could even turn your trip into a two day excursion by staying at the Legoland hotel.

All the Lego displayed tell you the #of blocks and time to build

In addition to Legoland itself there’s also the aquarium located outside the park and Maker’s Pier, which is a collection of local artisans with wares to sell and hands-on craft activities for children to do.

There’s a large parking lot directly across from Legoland that you can park at for a flat rate of ¥1500 during the week and ¥1000 on weekends.

Nagoya Shiei Kinjofuto Patking

Legoland is an extremely stroller friendly location with exciting things to do for children ranging from age 4 to about nine depending on their height. There’s even a small section of rides and a hands on play area for the toddler set upfront!

You can take part in adventure shows learn how to drive on the driving course eat fries and burgers shaped like Legos or drive around in a Lego designed boat.

During major holidays the Lego scape city design in the center of the park is adjusted for the holidays such as Halloween Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Have you been to Legoland yet? If you’re looking for a video recap on how to get there and where to park I have a great video on our Facebook page that summarizes all the highlights that you need to know.

Let me know what you think and as always don’t forget to like, comment and share!!


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