Fun Places to Go with Kids in Yokosuka: Tondemi Indoor Playcenter

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been to the indoor play center, but in previous times dad was gone and it was just me, the kids and whoever she wanted to bring and while she had a GREAT time I knew that she wanted to be able to compete/play with mom or dad!!!

Tondemi entrance sign

If you’re curious about this place or just thinking of dropping in you don’t have to worry about having the right shoes or socks. They sell socks with the grips at the counter and have loaner shoes for you to use inside. In addition to the shoes, the have a plethora of free lockers inside of varying sizes to store your items.


If you’re going to visit with kids of different ages don’t worry, while this is a play center is primarily best for kids over the age of 4 or 5, based on the difficulty of some of the games and activities, younger kids can enjoy it as well. They even have a smaller area for little ones, though it requires an adult to be there with them, and if you’re by yourself will make it hard to play with the other kids. I recommend babywearing if you want to engage in some of the activities with the older kids, while still bringing the little ones! There are no strollers involved, but there is stroller parking outside the play center.

Getting here…

If you’re coming from Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY) then reaching Tondemi is as easy as walking out of the gate. From Womble or Carney (main) gate you would make a right and head down Highway 16 until you reach Coaska Mall, you’ll see it on the right hand side. When you see all of the bicycle parking you’ll know you’re there. If you want to make it even easier you can go out of Verny (formally known as Daiei or Aeon) gate then it’s a straight shot to the mall. If you go out of Verny gate just remember that inbound traffic is limited to certain days and hours.

If you’re driving to the mall there is AMPLE parking with six floors, I recommend the fifth floor as that’s where Tondemi is located, and they will validate parking for being in the center. You get 180 minutes of free parking, even though the max time limit is 90 minutes. Enough time to grab lunch or do a little shopping before you have to go!

If taking local transportation, train or bus, it’s easy to reach as well, with Shiori station being your closest option and Yokosuka Chuo or Yokosuka JR being a short walk away.

トンデミ 横須賀 コースカベイサイドストアーズ店

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