Rainy season is here!!

Most of us know about the four seasons, we learn them in school, Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. We look forward to them with everyone having their favorite for different reasons and the associated holidays.

Four seasons example

Some places (Florida 👀) only have one season and folks either love it or hate it!! But here in Japan we get the benefit of getting all four seasons AAAAANNNNDDDDD an extra one, known as the RAINY season.

This year it started TWO WEEKS EARLIER than normal, right as the weather was shifting nicely out of the spring. Note so that you don’t think I’m whining incessantly, I’m not talking about a little light rain 🌧, or a few showers here and there. I’m talking TORRENTIAL downpour…

Rainy afternoon

I’m talking entire wardrobes dedicated to rain fashion. More than just a coat or umbrella, there are sneakers, heeled rain boots, jumpsuits, bag covers, matching umbrella sets. An ENTIRE industry dedicated to attempting to keep you dry

It doesn’t end with constant rain either, it’s BUCKETS 🪣 🪣🪣🪣 (PLURAL) of rain. Then there’s the wind and it’s NORMALLY warm and humid. So if caught unprepared you’re a hot, wet, sticky mess!!!😳😄

Here’s hoping rainy season ends early🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

Week’s forecast

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