Coronapocalypse Day 258: The little things

I looked up yesterday morning as I was prepping bottles and making N’s obento and realized that it’s the 11th…of DECEMBER!! Like, where has this year GONE? In March during SIP and my maternity leave the days were ENDLESS (and yet not much on my “to do” list got done 🧐🤔) now it feels like I blink and the week is gone!

I have a habit of snapping pics of N with every Christmas tree 🎄 that we see, I’m not sure why or when it started, but it’s a thing now.

@arms audition

Now with the boy, I realize he’ll get to be in the photos too!!

Club Alliance, CFAY

But the one thing the quickly passing, days, weeks and months have reaffirmed is the IMPORTANCE of taking time to do the little things. We recently started a family Friday night tradition that I had growing up. But I instead of making the pizza, we went out (that’s a story in and of itself). Even though it didn’t go as seamlessly as planned, we were together, we got food and it was fun. N, got to have the attention of both parents simultaneously (as dual mil working parents, it happens less often than you think), we watched holiday movies, we got out of the house (still learning to live in this new #COVID19 world) and we survived another rotation of #ballearth (my new term)

N & D passed out in the car

Despite all the craziness in my life, the fact that they can sleep like the dead, means we’re doing something right.

How did you kick off this weekend?

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