Coronapocalypse Day 62: Anniversary

“Do you know what today is?” If you can name the artist that sings that song and what they song is then youre grown enough to be reading this blog! But real talk, today marks the 15 year anniversary for Matthew and I.  Let me say that again, FIFTEEN years!! 1-5, our relationship is at teenager status.

When I started this blog six years ago, it was to document our time overseas, last year that blog focus shifted to me wanting to show that military life, family and kids can all coexist, that as women especially we didnt have to choose one or the other to be happy and our anniversary is just one more example of how it CAN and DOES work.

Ive heard people say before that being married isn’t that hard.  I would happily and sincerely disagree with that.  Marriage is hard.  It’s work and sacrifice and compromise 365 days a year.  But that doesn’t mean that its not worth it.  A marriage despite the work, Is worth it. Matthew is my most honest critic, my strongest supporter.  He’s the wall I bounce ideas off of and my shelter in the storm.

We’re at the point now in our lives and our relationships, that we don’t really give gifts.  Mainly because we have most of those “things” that we already want and living overseas especially we try to declutter our lives.  Matthew prefers the card over most of the things people would get him anyway and I always ask for an Amazon gift card to feed by book habit.

This morning it was funny because we wrote similar things to each other in the cards that we exchanged with each other.  I actually deviated and got a gift card to replace my headphones from the hubby this anniversary.  I dropped mine in the dog bowl and they haven’t worked right since.  Even the rice trick couldn’t save them.

Here’s to another 15 years of love and laughter.  For my readers in a relationship how long have you all been together? How do you celebrate your anniversaries? Do you follow the gift chart?  Tell me in the comments.


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One thought on “Coronapocalypse Day 62: Anniversary

  1. Beautiful family! Looks like you’re doing pretty well for yourself in my favorite country💯Take care and drop me a line sometime. ROLL TIDE Deuce (retired)


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