Milk Diaries Vol 1, Issue 1

Here we go on the second most terrifying adventure of our life, parenthood. We’re at the end of our 9 month journey and despite all the trials and tribulations, we, I made it thought. After 19 hours of labor an awesome neonatal team, outstanding nurses and a supportive husband acting as my doula and support system Junior was brought into the world!!

With the base and the world going into second gear as we tackle the COVID 19 epidemic this is not the world that I saw my delivery occurring in: limited personnel allowed in the hospitals room, kids not allowed in the hospital, masks required, limitations to businesses and much more.

Despite all the negatives that could be mentioned in a time like this, we truly enjoyed our celebratory meal and what it stood for. The successful delivery of our healthy baby boy.

Coming in at 6lbs and 5oz we got to pop bottles (smile) from the baby shower and enjoy a really good meal. Here’s too our newest adventure in the Far East. Hang on for the ride!

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