I miss my mat…

There are a 1001 things that we have to do every day, 1,000,001 things to remember and numerous things that we forget to do with only 24 hours in a given day. But what I have learned, what I have forgotten and what I have to remind myself periodically is that I am important too. That’s right, it’s not self or egotistical. It’s not lazy or (gasp) wrong to think about yourself, your needs. In fact I would argue that it actually makes you better overall. If you’re constantly and consistent taking care of yourself, refilling the well so to speak, then you will continue to have “water” to give to others.

For me taking care of myself means getting my workouts in, even if that means doing it at 4 or 5 in the morning, so that everything else competing for my time gets a piece of me too.

As a geo Bach it was very easy to find “me time”, to go to my classes, read my books, go out. As a full time working woman, mom to a 7 yo with a hectic schedule and wife there is often less me time. That has an effect on all my relationships after awhile.

But, this morning I hit the reset button, put the phone down and got out of bed since I was awake. It was just 10 minutes. But it led me to post this, I’m up and ready to start the day and I’m gonna keep pushing that habit forming ten minutes until I’m back to my normal 70-90 minutes. Namaste.

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