Do you remember the time

This picture popped up in my memories (thanks Facebook) it’s from a mommy and me day three years ago. One of the rare awesome weekends during my time as an FDNF DH that 1) we were in port, 2) I didn’t have duty and 3) nothing was broke allowing me some freedom.

I packed up my girl and we went out all day to explore Yokohama, eat good food and bond. Things I learned:

  1. N has expensive taste
  2. She likes to spend money that isn’t hers
  3. The kiddie rides are not American sized
  4. I need to not skip yoga so I can contort myself into these seats.

What kinds of this do you do with your little? Do you have rituals that are only for the two of you? What things can we add to our girls’ days?!?


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