Girls weekend (part 2)

So after recreating our own version of “A Night Out with Mama” N and I spent the day exploring Tokyo. While talking to Matthew during the day I realized that we just don’t spend that much time here. Tokyo by train takes about 90 minutes, making it a calculated decision to go despite the plethora of events they have. But Yokohama, is 45 minutes away and the second largest city, by populace, in Japan making it a much more accessible option. There are TONS of things to do there as well. we took this rainy Sunday opportunity to check out the Water Science museum that I had read about. It was free to enter and interact with the exhibits and we spent a few hours there

It was a great tie in to a discussion we had previously about where the water we use comes from and where it goes when it goes down the drain

the had interactive displays that discussed water in the human body and household use. Even a tour to the water plant under the the museum if desired. We probably won’t go back unless taking others and it was all in Japanese, but we had a good time.

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