A Night Out with Mama

When we got here five years ago, N was 2 and her reading consisted of books that we    Had grown up with or that we had grabbed at random places.  While her in Yokosuka the mother of one of N’s classmates from Seika Yochien would always talk about her “brownie library”.  Eventually I asked what it was.  It was this mom’s attempt to ensure that #representation was present in her kids’ literature.  It wasn’t until that moment how much diversity WASN’T present in the books that I was buying for N.  This lead to us building our own #brownielibrary via awesome IG accounts like @blackbabybooks and in our travels and via kickstarter.  This then spurred the idea to recreate a book that I had bought for N, “A Night Out with Mama”. In the book a little girl and her mom go out for a night on the town, just them.   We stayed in a nice hotel in Tokyo, we got all dressed up and caught a taxi (sorry no limo) and we went to see a performance of “The King and I”.  After the show we had dinner and then went back to our hotel for dessert, jammies and late night talking.  Over all, it was a great time and I’m glad that I get to have these moments with my little!

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