Avenger S.T.A.T.I.O.N Japan

Looking to solidify your role as the protector of the human realm? Do you consider yourself an expert on all things Marvel Universe?

Entry display

Do you think you have what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with the defenders of the realm and do what needs to be done?! Okay

Well if that’s the case you need to quickly get down to the Mori Museum of Art in Roppongi Hills and sign up for training!

Thor’s Hammer

This ode to the MCU is only here in Tokyo until the 19th and is a perfect day trip for the kids…or the kid in you 👀!! No shade, when we went we did a grown ups only day trip so that we could linger and look without worrying about little ones punching clock until meltdown occurred 😒.

Wakanda FOREVER!!

Since you’re already making the trip to Tokyo you might as well stay in the Hills to check out all the high end shopping. Check out AS Classic Burger located in the same part of the shopping complex, mosey on by the McDonald’s McCafe for a hand made treat or grab some delicious Indian food at Diya.

As with all things you have to exit through the gift shop 🙄 which is AWESOME!! So save your coins and don’t buy the T-shirt with the ticket, it’s better in black plus they have a lot other swag!!

T shirt purchased with ticket

You can show up and buy tickets in person at the machine, which takes American cards 💳 and gives directions in English. But you’re at the mercy of the crowds that day and MAY NOT be able to enter right when you arrive.

Ticket machine

The other option is to purchase your tickets in advance online at the Website and pick your entrance window.

The location is kid and stroller friendly with an elevator 🛗 up to the entrance, family friendly bathrooms and wide corridors. All of the interactive displays are in Japanese, but Google translate makes it easy!!

Let me know if you’ve already gone or if you’re planning to go and as always: Like, comment and share!

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