World traveler

So after our workout this morning, week one complete if #10ROUNDS, we were watching the promo video for the next week which is in Vegas. Matthew says to me “is that supposed to be the Lourve?” “Yes” I tell him.

Then I remember a previous conversation with Na’ilah and I say “the girl says she wants to go to Paris.”

Matthew “I hope she has some Paris money. This isn’t a choose your own adventure novel here.”

Me: “Stop acting like you’re not going to take that girl to Paris…🙄😂”

We have always encouraged Na’ilah to explore. When she was younger her favorite book was an Atlas and she would point out countries and we would talk about them: their animals, culture, how far away they were, etc. Being here in Japan (pre Coronapocalypse) gave us frequent opportunities to explore and travel. Hopefully, as the world establishes a new norm travel will open and we will be able to get back to it. But it appears that we’ve raised a bit of a Diva, since she’s planning world wise trips!!

What places have you traveled to? Do you take your kids? What places are you hoping to explore when able to travel again?

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