The littlest things

So Monday, or Tuesday night, Matthew asks if I want to go to his command’s holiday party. Being down to “ride with Clyde” I say sure, no problem. Because I like to dress up. Then he tells me it’s Thursday, this Thursday. As in two days away!! I mean, who DOES that?!?

I was able to pull it together with no notice since I’m a FIRM believer of having timeless pieces in your closet (ball gowns, dressy suits and pants suits, cocktail dresses) so I’m always black tie ready.

Due to the lateness of our additions we weren’t able to purchase the dinner served at the event, no worries since it was taking place at The New Sanno, a local hotel, and they gave restaurants. The teppanyaki restaurant there in particular was running a Wagu beef special that I wanted Matthew to try anyway so it was a win win. After enjoying our AWESOME dinner we went back down for more mingling and dancing (Murtaugh list) and left to go see a movie since we were kid free!Zombieland Double Tap was entertaining though not mentally stimulating and we made it to the train with time to spare. I got to enjoy the closeness of a new friend on the train ride home regardless of how many times I shrugged her off my shoulder.

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