What’s the world coming to…

When you can’t even cheat in UNO against a child?!  And don’t you judge me for cheating against a child, because we’ve all been there.  When you’re mom or dad or older sister, brother, cousin changed the rules in the middle of the game.  So sue me, I don’t think I was actually trying to cheat, but I was trying to bend the rules to my advantage.

Not sure when it started, probably Christmas last year with the STL Furqans, but N is OBSESSED with Uno. She has her deck, she pulls it out all the time, she knows the rules and is a Nazi about adherence to them.  It hasn’t gotten to STL level yet (where we have to verbally state the rules and then write out any that are not in the original rules but agreed upon by all parties, or write out our understanding of them so that they can be referred to later, Yes Najla and Rasheedah, i’m talking about you) but we’re close.

So we’re playing Uno, I got beat 2 out of 3 hands and was throwing in the towel, but N wanted to keep playing.  So we went for best of 5.  I’m down to five cards, she’s got like 8 in her hands and I throw out what I THINK is a color change card.   Here’s where it went down hill:

Me: Color is red

N: mom look at the card, you have to switch hands AND change colors (so much TONE)

Me: okay, color is blue

N: No you already chose red

Me: But that was before, when i thought it was a color change, now I want to make it blue

N: you can’t do that

Me: why not? I made a mistake and now I want to choose a different color

N: because mom, you already chose red, you can’t choose a color and then choose a different color.  It’s not allowed, that’s not the way this works

Me: Well sometimes you make a mistake and you want to choose a different color

N: that’s not how it works

Suffice it to say, i loss the argument and the game and when I tried to get Matthew to sympathize, he sided with his spawn!!! Can you believe that?

What type of board or table top games do you like to play? Does winning matter?

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