Problems of a tomboy

so growing up I was never a girly girly, at least I didn’t consider myself to be. I enjoyed football with the guys, wrestling with my friends and action movies. Makeup and dresses were never a large part of my world. I will tell you, and my girl friends can attest, I’m a SUCKER for a beautiful, comfortable pair of heels!!😃

     I’m on leave today and decided to play a little.  

 I put on make up, puffed out the fro and went on about my day. So after only three hours in face make up I don’t know how girls do it everyday!!

  1. You CAN’T touch your face
  2. Blowing your nose messes up your face
  3. Talking on the phone gets make up on it

To the girls who put their face on everyday, I salute you. I just can’t do it. How about you ladies? Are you a full face kinda girl (foundation, powder, shadow, etc) or a wash and go girl (that’s me!!)?

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