So I thought that with the final packers coming on Monday to take away the last of our stuff that I would be done😃. I thought my stress would be over and contained. I thought I could coast until our departure…I was WRONG!!


Even after the movers packed up and took our stuff away there’s still a TON of stuff left in the house. There’s all the liquids and things the movers COULDN’T take. There’s all the stuff that I didn’t WANT them to take. Lastly, there’s all the stuff I FORGOT to have them take.


With my estate sale being moved I was reintroduced to the world of Craig’s list and my iPhone app makes it that much easier. It’s AMAZING how much stuff you accumulate in 7 years in one place. It’s even worse when you’re downsizing. Oh well, here’s to finding that silver lining….😳

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