Lessons learned…the hard way

SS Card

Man!! Talk about pie in the face.  So in this mad rush to get ready for our move to Yoko we have misplaced Na’ilah’s SS card.  When we were trying to get her passport everyone had all these recriminations about why I didn’t have it in my purse, pocket, tattooed on my forehead, etc.  The hours for the Administration office are HORRIBLE, i’m talking 9-3, except for Wednesday where it’s 9-12.   So I leave school, rush to the office that’s like 40 min away, wait in line to get my number for my daughter and as i’m standing there talking to the security guard (you know I talk to everyone) he’s like “how old is she? didn’t you file taxes last year?” Insert cymbals and horn….I was happy he solved my dilemma, but angry that I had already jumped through all these hoops.  Oh well, I had a good laugh, I ordered a new card and I met a cool veteran…

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