Today was (not) a good day

If there was such a thing as an easy button or a reset button, today would be a day I used it. There was no one thing that stuck out as “the moment” on why the day was craptastic, until the ride home. N had asked me a question about dinner and I snapped at her. I couldn’t even tell you why. Then I found myself snapping at her again a few moments later, for some other inconsequential reason. At that point, I just stopped talking. That’s not to say that I don’t yell at my kid, after the fifth time of asking them to do something, who wouldn’t. But this was for no reason at all.


When we got home N was sent to shower and knock out the homework that she hadn’t done at camp. We spent time dead heading her morning glory and watering it. Basically, just time together. I did apologize and explain myself to her, not an excuse but I wanted to make sure she knew it was me, not her.

Did you have a do over day? Moment? Tell us in the comments

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